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IchigoJam documents of Swahili was released

We kindly announced that we made IchigoJam Reference in Swahili language. IchigoJam is a hand-size PC for learning programming especially for kids learners. It has BASIC programming language inside and easy to start pgoramming (no need to install/setup any OS). Swahili language is spoken in East African country., such as Tanzania , Kenya , Uganda , Rwanda , Burundi. We love to spread a IchigoJam hand-size PC for Kids in all Africa. IchigoJam Reference (Swahili edition) If you have any question, feel fee to contact us on this form.

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Special programming lesson at SAKURA Girls Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania

Our CEO has a special programming lesson at SAKURA Girls Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania on 12th/Oct, 2017. SAKURA Girls Secondary School raised a vision which produce future leaders from underprivileged girls who have high potential but few opportunities to develop their skills and talents. The special lesson was held for 48 Form I students with IchigoJam and Scratch.

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Internship of ABE ini (African Business Education Initiative)

We had short internship program with two Master degree course students from KIC under ABE ini program . The students learned PHP software development & Moodle module programming during the term. Also they tried to make IchigoJam which is self-assembling card size computer & have a workshop for Japanese kids. Last week, Presentation Day was held with Afrel. Afrel’s one Tanzanian student and our two Tanzanian students made good presentation.

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My Student in Arusha , Tanzania got a prize

Ms.Lightness who is my student in Arusha, Tanzania, got a prize of Programming Contest which held by PCN. She is a Form 1 student in SAKURA Girls Secondary school in Arusha, Tanzania. She joined a special programming class which Mr.Hara, ict4e organized in August, 2016. She and her friends sent a picture with a certificate of achievement & participation gift. Her work ‘Magic’ is programmed by Scratch. I’m so pleasure to hear that news. Congratulation, Ms.Lightness. Please keep to do programming with fun.

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