Our internship student from last year started his own business in Africa!

Mr.Bido, who did an internship last year at ict4e Corporation (Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture; CEO: Hidekazu Hara), an IT consulting and Africa business company, has launched AWANUTECH&CONSULTING in his home country of Benin.

AWANUTECH & CONSULTING will mainly provide programming education business for local children, as well as DX business and business consultancy services for companies.

About the Company’s Name

Regarding the origin of the company’s name, Mr.Bido said the following.

The origin of my company name is from Benin language FON. “AWANU” in Benin language FON means “Arigatou” or “Thank you”. Through this name we would like to see with our services appreciation faces (happy faces) from all our students, their parents and from our clients.
Also in Japanese culture, saying “arigatou” is very polite and life style. We also inspired from that.

About the Company’s Name

Mr.Bido, who had been planning to start his own business since the time of his internship, shared his vision of bringing the joy of ICT and robotics that he learned using IchigoJam and Camrobot to the children of Benin. When we visited Hana-Dojo in Sabae, many questions were raised to the representative, Ms.Takebe, and we felt his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship after returning to Benin.

We look forward to seeing more of Mr.Bido in the future!