East Africa Programming Education tour 2019

From Japan to East Africa, Programming Education tour

October 11(Tue) – October 22(Tue), 2019

A tour for Japanese who are interested in Programming education,
Human resource development, or Africa.

In Rwanda and Kenya we’ll visit IT facilities, also hold workshops using IchigoJam for children.

we updated this schedule (5th OCT, 2019)

Tour Schedule

TANZANIA ( Oct.11 – Oct.14 )

  • October 11 (Fri)  Arriving in KILIMANJARO, TANZANIA
  • October 12 (Sat)  Visit Sakura Girls Secondary School (Arusha), Programing workshop

    • This workshop held for students of SGSS
    • AM: Programming Workshop
    • PM: Science Workshop
    • around AM09:00 we’ll leave Mvuli Hotel to Sakura Girls
    • Supports: Mr. Pascal Mgimwa (ABE 3rd) & Ms. Zawadi Athanas(ABE 4th)
  • October 15 (Mon)  am: Departing KILIMANJARO
  • RWANDA ( Oct.15 – Oct.19 )

    • October 15 (Tue)  pm: Arriving in KIGALI, RWANDA
    • October 16 (Wed)  am: Visit FabLab, JICA ICT project

      • pm: Programming workshop at Secondary School by IchigoJam
    • October 17 (Thu)  am: Visit IT companie

      • pm: (under planning) Programming workshop by IchigoJam
    • October 18 (Fri)  am: Courtesy visit Embassy of Japan, JICA Rwanda

      • pm: Programming workshop at Primary School by IchigoJam
    • October 19 (Sat)  am: Departing KIGALI

    KENYA ( Oct.19 – Oct.22 )

    • October 19 (Sat)  am: Arriving in NIROBI, KENYA / pm: Visit charity football class by SOLTILO
    • October 20 (Sun)  pm: Programming workshop by IchigoJam and WeDo2.0

      • This workshop held for kids of SOLTILO Familia soccer school
      • Prep. 13:00
      • OPEN 14:00 venue YWCA hall
      • START 14:30 to 16:00
      • Supports: Ms. Aurelia ( Eider Africa ) , Ms.Esther Waliaula
    • October 21 (Mon : Public holiday)  am: Visit iHub / pm: Visit JETRO Nirobi
    • October 22 (Tue)  am: Visit IT companies / pm: Shopping,  Departing NIROBI

    ※Depending on the situation, the plan might be changed.

    Contact Us:  ict4e