ICT company in Fukui


(CLOSE) ABEini. summer internship around Jul/Aug/Sep 2019

We kindly inform that we open two internship positions of ABE initiative program from September 2019 for a student who will graduate his/her university in this summer.

Theme : Programming Education for younger age in Africa

We forces to Tech Education which include programming , robotics , something else. Currently specific device which called “IchigoJam” is our main material. It”s unique device and made in Fukui, Japan. Now we are finding a internship who want to join to create our online course of programming / robotics with IchigoJam device.

Requirement (Skill/Interest) :

At least one skill/experience & interest from education , online teaching.


  • Course building skills
  • Education material
  • Teaching skill in school

online teaching

  • Script writing
  • Video / Audio recoding , editing skills
  • Youtube channel

Requirement (General) :

We normally used English in communication. Japanese language skill are welcome. If you are person who want to try/spread same theme of internship, we prefer.

Condition :

Until now, we had one summer internship and three long internship students from Tanzania, Kenya. They had 2 week summer internship term.
The office is small and located in center of Fukui city. Our staff speak English, one speaks Kiswahili, one speaks Kinyarwanda.

General day, 10:00 – 17:00 internship term.
One special day, we may join/held programming workshop for kids in weekend.
Bring your PC. We’ll provide your own IchigoJam kit and any material/electric parts you need to finish our product.

for Muslim person :

There are just one or two Halal restaurant. And few shop provide Halal foodstuffs. We know only one mosque in the city. Not so convenient like Tokyo/Osaka, but there are some muslim living in the city.

How to submit

follow these & submit it by e-mail. Duration is 2 weeks.
  • Term : 29/MAR – 6/APR
  • email TITLE : Apply summer internship around Jul/Aug/Sep 2019
  • email ADDRESS : abeini-teamict4ejp
  • email body : Write your propose to our position , desired date.
  • Documents : your CV , any additional if you have
  • Selection

    • Num. : two internship students
    • Selection : Documents & Online interview